Akshay Kumar and Rajnikant's 2.0 Makerks Spend Over 544 Crores On VFX
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Akshay Kumar and Rajnikant’s 2.0 Makerks Spend Over 544 Crores On VFX

Akshay Kumar and Rajnikant’s 2.0 Makers Spend Over 544 Crores On VFX

  • 544 crores spend upon the VFX, in 2.0
  • Akshay Kumar share via his twitter handle
  • 2 days left for the 2.0 teaser

The upcoming south Indian film, 2.0 is really one of the most awaited films of the year. It is the Tamil debut movie of Bollywood’s Khiladi, Akshay Kumar. Staring Rajnikant and Akshay Kumar for the lead roles, the film is directed by director S. Shankar.

The latest update on the film is been given by the Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar. According to the information provided, around more than 3,000 technicians around the world has efforted for the film shoot.

Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar shared a poster of 2.0 with the caption, “India’s first 75 million dollar wonder”.

Akshay Kumar and Rajnikant's 2.0 Makerks Spend Over 544 Crores On VFX

Have a look at his post”


The film had already made the history. The total budget was announced around 4 to 5 crores. But according to the reports came, the VFX of the film is grabbing more quantity than the total budget earlier reported.

The report says that the makers of 2.0 have spent 544 crores for the VFX effects in the movie, itself.  Along with this, the movie has become the first ever movie in India to do such a hard work for the VFX effects.  Not only this but the film is considered the highest paid movies off India.

And with that, the film is also being called the expensive film. The film has been shooted in 3D, for the first time ever in India. Thea teaser o the most expensive film will be released on September, 13 on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

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