Asian Games 2018: Silver won by Hima and Anas

Asian Games 2018: Silver won by Hima and Anas

Asian Games 2018: Silver won by Hima and Anas

  • Hima Das and Muhammad Anas knocked for silver
  • 400m Men and Women event
  • highlights of Sunday

On the 18th Asian Games which is being held from 18 August 2018- India is continuously marking its remarks over there. Fro day 1, India is set to win the medals.

On Sunday, Hima Das and Muhammad Anas have set the stone. Both of the athletes have won silver for their respective events, at the Jakarta Asian Games. 

Where Hima Das has done in the 400-metre event for Women, on the other hand, Muhammad Das has won the 400-metre event for Men.

Athlete Hima Das has groomed her race with the record of 50.79 seconds, along with this she has also defeated the old one record made by Manjeet Kaur for 51.05 seconds at Chennai in the year 2004.

The particular event gold was won by Naser Eid Salwa, from Baharani.

Talking about the 400-metre event for Men, Muhammad Alas clocked 45.69 seconds and won the silver for India. 



A sort of sorrow for Govindan Lakshman who has been disqualified for 10,000 meters category. The army runner was disqualified due to his feet touched inside of the track. If he would not be disqualified then it would be India’s first medal at the particular event. 

There are more 2 silvers won by the day from equestrian and another 2 bronze from Bridge. For the first time, India has won in equestrian, this silver was claimed by Fauaad Mirza.

Dutee Chand won another silver in the 100-metre event. Gold was claimed by Odiong Edidiong, Brn and bronze by Wei Yongali, China.

dutee chand won silver

For tomorrow’s 400 Meters Hurdle race event for men, Dhruv Ayyasami and Santosh Kumar ha qualified. 

Talking about the medal tally at the end of 8th day, then it is being a productive match until today. Does not matters Gold, silver or bronze India is running for their dream and the chances they have got to show. 

By day 8, India has made the tally of 36 medals. Due to these hard-working athletes, India is proud. Although, these are silvers but have earned and won with hard worship and firm determination.



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