Coco Cola Paid Billions To Deal With Costa Coffee
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Coco Cola Paid Billions To Deal With Costa Coffee

Coco Cola Paid Billions To Deal With Costa Coffee

  • UK Coffee chain to be sold
  • Coca-cola to buy Costa Coffee
  • a deal in billions of dollars

The international soft drink brand Coca-Cola just bought the global coffee legends, Costa Coffees. It had shown its interest with 5.1 billion dollars, to pay for the UK Coffee chain, Costa Coffee.

The American Cooperation and non-alcoholic beverage giant, Coca-Cola is ready to serve the hot drink. It has opted to provide the hot serve along with the cooling and refreshing drink, Coca-Cola.

The deal with Whitbread, the parent company of Costa Coffee, has done in $5.1 billion. Now the company is ready to serve for billions of cafe lovers.

According to the recent statistics, Whitbread generated around 3.3 billion British Pounds in the year 2017. Looking at the recent searches, Costa Coffe’s per year revenue is total 1.167 Billion British pounds. The investing step taken by the Coca-Cola brand is being appreciated.

The UK based Coffee brand, Costa has over 4,000 franchise across Europe. The first Costa store was opened in Dubai, 1999. It is serving worldwide and now Coca-Cola digs into the service of Cafes.


Coco Cola Paid Billions To Deal With Costa Coffee

Tea which is served as a national drink is being defeated by Coffee. Coffees are now much popular than tea. As the time passed, people’s preferences have been changed and they have shift d to Coffees, now. And, here is Costa the coffee tycoon. The parent company, Whitbread had decided to sell it over and the deal was done with coca cola.

The deal which will go through in the first half of 2019. 

Coco Cola Paid Billions To Deal With Costa Coffee

Coca-Cola, the American non-alcoholic beverages provider was established in 1886. It is been 182 years ago from now. It provides more than 10 varients drinks, across the world. Providing the natural flavours along with Carbonated water, sugar, Caffeine, Phosphoric acid and Caramel Colour, in a drink. It serves the cooling and refreshing drinks, worldwide. And now it has bought Costa Coffee, Whitbread so that it could serve hot drinks too.



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