Facebook Facts You Never Know

Facebook Facts You Never Know

 facebook Facts You Never Know

In the modern era of life, everything has been changed. In the way of living to connect with each other. Everyone wants to be digitized as much as possible. People are used to living almost half of their life online. This might include their work, business, transactions and being updated. But, its shocking to know that people, especially teenagers are used for spending most of their time on the social media handles.

The modern world has so much changed that you do not need to go outside for any of your work. Either you want to book tickets, connect with friends an relatives, play games, gain knowledge of anything or you have to make money online. There is everything possible with the digitized world. 

For all of the age groups, there is one meaning of being digitized is to be online every time. They think this as their prestige and self-dignity. The much used social media is Facebook. 

Facebook, is a social media networking site where you can connect with your friends, family as well as to a known and unknown person. Facebook is the much-used website. According to the statistics, 45% of Facebook users feel very uncomfortable and anxiety if they have got their Facebook account blocked.

Facebook Facts You Never Know

There are a lot of studies, stats and facts that you have not awarded of. Facebook is an international and such a huge brand that it will take the whole life to be shocked at Facebook.

Here are a few facts for you to know about Facebook

FACEBOOK: The Biggest Social Media Site On The Planet

Know the true facts
  • Facebook was first named as, ‘thefacebook and it was started for the Harvard students only.
  • The facebook.com domain was purchased with $200,000 by  Zuckerburg.
  • 45% of Facebook users feel very uncomfortable and anxiety if they have got their Facebook account blocked.
  • Evey single minute, there are 150,000 messages sent via Facebook.
  • In every 15 minutes, there is 49 million post uploaded on the site.
  • 150K friend request and 7.5 million new likes are updated in every 15 minutes.
  • Along with this, almost 600,000 hacking attempts have done, every day.

Surprisingly known, that the Facebook has never changed its colour, blue. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg is the main reason behind this. Mark Zuckerburg has a colour deficiency with the red and green colour. So that he does not have any sort of comfort with re and green colour. And, the colour blue is the richest and comfortable to his eyes, so that he made this to option for Facebook. He, himself said this in an interview to the New York Magzine.

Let’s continue with the more fun and shocking facts about Facebook:

  • Christiano Ronaldo, Shakira and Vin Diesel are the most popular among Facebook.
  • The most liked picture on Facebook is the picture of U.S. former president Brack Obama and Michell Obama.
40 lakhs likes
  • There are 30 million accounts of dead people on the site. 
Facebook Facts You Never Know
  • In 2017, Facebook marked with the earning of 40.7 billion dollars, but in 2016, it was$ 49.4 billion. The main role played by the 2016 elections in the US.






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