Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai Met Secretly To The Pentagon Leaders Over Artificial Intelligence Project

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai Met Secretly To The 

Pentagon Leaders Over Artificial Intelligence Project

  • Pichai visit to Pentagon for employee issues
  • AI tension, forces to step out from Maven Project
  • Defence disappointed with Google

The Indian CEO, Sundar Pichai of Google went for a secret meeting at Pentagon. The meeting was based upon the Artificial Intelligence Project.

The secret visit was focused upon easing the tension which has been created after employee outrage. According to the reports in media, the employees’ outrage comes in existence when it was to sever the controversial defence contract to analyse the drone video.

The official channels also share about this, visits social media twitter handle.

Under the Secretary of Defence for Intelligence, Pichai met a collection of military and civilians from the office, itself. The Project Maven, which uses AI to tag cars, building and the objects in a video is a project where the Google had worked with The Defence department.

Going to the reports, the employees denied working for the particular project as it was making the efficiency enhancement of tracking and killing. After this, the company also denied, in June, following the project further.

google, sundar pichai
Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai Met Secretly To The Pentagon Leaders Over Artificial Intelligence Project

“We do not comment on the details of private meetings. Department leaders routinely meet with industry partners to discuss innovative technologies. These meetings support the continuing dialogues aimed at solving future problems challenges”, stated the Defence Department Spokesperson.

The Defence has got disappointed from the Google, as it thinks that the tech giant should have done communicating the technology. The termination decision by Google with Project Maven, rebels from the Congressional Lawmakers and especially the Republicans. These were the main two swing through Washington, this week.

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