‘Helicopter Eela Trailer’, Stays On Trending Number 1

'Helicopter Eela Trailer', Stays On Trending Number 1

‘Helicopter Eela Trailer’, Stays On Trending Number 1

  • trending number 1 on social media
  • staring Kajol Devgan and Neha Dhupia
  • 1 million views

The Indian Bollywood actress, Kajol Devgan has made her come back in the film industry. This time she is looking in the role of a mother. A mother who is more interested to join his son to know him more and understand him more. The over-protective and mother who is also very much cool on the other side.

The film is staring, Kajol Devgan as Eela, Riddhi Sen as Vivan. Along with them, there is Tota Roy Chaudhry,  Neha Dhupia, Mukesh Rishi and Atul Kulkarni and a lot of talented actors.

The film is slated on 7th September 2018 to be released. Till the time fans have to satisfy with the trailer and the story delivered, only.

Helicopter Eela Trailer

‘Helicopter Eela’s” trailer was released a day ago. The trailer is has gone viral around the social media networking sites. It is running with the 1.9 million views. 

Ajay Devgan Films along with Pen Studios presents ‘HelicopterEela’. a story of an overprotective and cool mother. Eela is a music freak girl, who loves the music. Makes music videos and has a very cool attitude towards her life. Once when she was suggested to finish her studies and to start a carrier with her musical talent. The idea by her son strikes herself and she tells him to join his institution.

In between the film has also funny and comedic scenes, making it more fascinating. Everything from a mothers life is presented here in ‘Helicopter Eela’.

Story Line Of The Film

Helicopter Eela Trailer

After joining she was treated as a professor, just because of her age. She made herself according to the college environment. After that, she was treated like a celebrity. She does enjoy the college life. But as she was an over-protective mother so her actions made Vivan angry. 

Eela just wanted to spend more time with her son. Now, Vivan was unadjustable with her mother.  But as happens, a teenager never accepts any one’s over-protectiveness, so Vivan fights with his mother and addresses him that he is leaving home. 

At last, Vivan talks to his mother about the Eela she was. He encourages her to be herself not to bound as a mother. His words made Eela realize and then she works on herself. She made herself back to life, she made he the Eela she was. The Eela, Who was crazy about music. 



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