‘Paltan Trailer: The Indian Victory In Indo-Sino War’

'Paltan Trailer: The Indian Victory In Indo-Sino War'

‘Paltan Trailer: The Indian Victory In Indo-Sino War’

  • Paltan Trailer release
  • starring Jackie Shroff, Arjun Rampal, and Sonu  Sood
  • based on 1967, Indo-Sino war

Bollywood’s upcoming movie, Paltan has released its trailer, today. Paltan is based upon the happenings of the Indo-Sino war. The 1967 Indo-Sino war was won by India when there was no expectation to win.

Starring Jackie Shroff, Arjun Rampal, and Sonu Sood in the lead role, it has also cast Sonal Chauhan and Esha Gupta.

The film is slated on September 7th, 2018 to be released.  Along with 63K likes, the trailer is winning the hearts. It has got more than 1.8 million views in just a few hours of release.

'Paltan Trailer: The Indian Victory In Indo-Sino War'


The Zee Studios, along with J.P. Films and Motion Pictures Producers are presenting the past which is running the present. The story starts with the speech by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India. “We have tremendously attacked by the Chinese army.

1962: The war India lost to China. The crucial face of China was seen. Indian Army suffered a lot. The war lost 1,383 fo the soldiers, 1047 wounded and around 1696 is still missing. 

'Paltan Trailer: The Indian Victory In Indo-Sino War'

The 1967 war, which held between India and China, it was for the Nathula region of Sikkim state. The Indian soldiers were asked to leave Nathul, Sikkim. Chinese army said that it was their region but the Indian Official denied to this. 

The Chinese army was threatening Indian Army, not only this but they were also doing activities in the Indian region of Nathula, Sikkim. The main reason behind this argument was Nathula, which was the key to Sikkim and Sikkim was the key to India.  themselves from India. The Indian army argued well in that hard situation.

From the makers of ‘Border’ and LOC-Kargil’, this is another real happening based film. Arjun Rampal, Jackie Shroff, and Sonu Sood have done a brilliant job with their effortless acting. Their word commands are making the realistic scene to life.

'Paltan Trailer: The Indian Victory In Indo-Sino War'

The brutal life living by the Indian army at borders. The Chinese army was not even stood for the fencing security. The unbelievable and the”Victory of India That was not told”. The continuous firing and bombing from both the sides, just to protect the country. 

The revenge of lost war in 1962 by Chinese was taken by the Indian army in 1967. It is said that ‘all thing started in 1962 by them and we have finished in 1967’. 

‘Paltan’ was the name given by the army to their group in hat time of war. This ‘Paltan was expected to be written in the books in golden letters. And this exactly happened. They have made India win the 1967 Indo-Sino war. 

#A special message at the end of the film has given, 

A Martyr Dies Not When He Is Shot, 

But When He Is Forgotten…



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