Ranil Wickremesinghe, the new Shri Lankan Prime Minister

Ranil Wockrmesinghe, the new Prime Minister of Shri Lanka

Ranil Winkramesinghe sworn as the new Prime Minister of Shri LAnka. President Mhatripala Sirisena headed the oath ceremony. 

Amazing to know that, the president made the oath ceremony worth who has sacked the Prime Minister earlier, on the 26th of October.

From the long journey of around 50 days finally, he sworn as the Prime Minister of the island Shri Lanka


The Constitutional Crises

Shri Lanka which had faced the incomparable constitutional crises made the circumstances worst for the Prime Minister which led to rule out for Ranil Wickrmesinghe and he left the office.

Ranil Wickrmesinghe is the leader of United Nations Party. The 51 yet old age, from the starting, claims the allegations illegal and baseless.

After he left the office, Mahinda Rajapaksa leads as the Prime Minister appointed by the President MAthripala SIrisena.

On the last Saturday, Rajapaksa resigned and Wickrmesinghe has taken the office.

New cabinet on Monday

Throughout the media of Shri Lanka, it’s been said that a new cabinet is likely to form on the upcoming Monday.

The cabinet will comprise around 30 members which will also include the 6 parliamentarians of Shri Lanka Freedom Party.

United Nations Party deputy leader, sajit Premadasa on the occasion said that “this showed the true character of the President”.

Further, the deputy party leader Said that the President has been missed by some groups who were against the unity government but “now the truth has prevailed”.

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