Soorma Box Office Collection, Day 1

Soorma Box Office Collection, Day 1

  • soorma, 1st-day collection
  • earned 3.25 crores
  • the story is touching hearts

The most real-life-based film, ‘Soorma’ released on Friday, 14 July. The film is touching the hearts of audiences. They are loving the screenplay by Punjabi Singer, Diljit Doshanj. The audience reviews show that the film is worth our expectations. 

The audiences are really very happy with all the portions of the film. These sectors include the story, screenplay and the dialogues s well. The watchers are embracing the direction of Shaad Ali. 

Box Office Collection, ‘Soorma’
Soorma Box Office Collection, Day 1

The film has got a good review from the audiences as well as from the special screening with the Bollywood stars. But talking about the first-day box office collection then it is paused with 3.25 crores. Whether it has got such a nice review but in the economic status, it has not worked too good, as expected. 

The real film story has got a slow start but expected to go for a good result. According to the box office India, the film is compared with the other Hindi movies such as Hichki and Not Out 102. The results took the film a little bit down with their comparison.

And with the other Hollywood films released in India, ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ and ‘Black Panther’, earned 5.245 to 5.50 crores on the first day, ‘Soorma’ has earned 3.25 crores only.

Film Review
Soorma Box Office Collection, Day 1

The story is very simple and decent. The story shows, Diljit Doshanj as Sandip Singh, is a useless fellow. He is shown as a person with no work to do and stays on his brother’s riches. His brother is also a hockey player. Somehow, Sandip met Harpreet (Taapsee Pannu). 

Then with a lot of squirrels and fights, they fall in love with each other. Not only this, but Sandip learns Hockey game for Harpreet and becomes a big player of this field. They were almost going to marry, but accidentally Sandip got shotted and becomes paralyzed.
Soorma Box Office Collection, Day 1

This made his life almost ended. His marriage brokes, got his dreams shattered. There was no one with him. his life became totally hell but he did not leave his hope away. This was he life-changing phase of life.

He works deadly hard for his injured back and stands on his feet again. Moreover, he becomes the number 1 player of Inda. Along with this, he also wins the national as well as international awards and honours. With it. he finds Harpreet back in his life.

The inspirational life story with the sweet love story is been embraced by everyone. 





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