Stree Movie Review: Running With 3/5 Ratings, Casting Raj Kumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor

Stree Movie Review

Stree Movie Review: Running With 3/5 Ratings, Casting Raj Kumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor

Here is ‘Stree’ Movie review for you guys to know about the film on a short note. The film is really amazing. Taking yourself to comedian scenes to the horrible ones. The movie is totally worth your time.

Casting the most talented Raj Kumar Rao and gorgeous Shraddha Kapoor, the script has done a marvelous job. coming back to the film story then it is all about the tight lanes of Chanderi.

The beautiful city is cursed by a story of a haunted lady, named as ‘Stree’. Stree is a lady who appears only 4 days of the festival season. Stree is famous for wandering around the streets by the nights. During the four days of the festive season, there is a horror of Stree, which makes the men stay painfully.

Stree Movie Review

Shraddha Kapoor is following the role of Stree, in the film, whereas Raj Kumar Rao is plying for Vickky. Stree calls for the name of men, at night in the empty streets. If the men turn around then the person vanishes away, leaving his clothes behind.

Shraddha Kapoor, via her social media handles, share for ‘Stree’ release

Vickky is the Manish Malhotra for Chanderi city. That means, he is specialized in the tailoring and the female fashion. He does not need even measurement tape for measuring the sizes, his eyes are just perfect for that.

Vickky fells for Shraddha Kapoor. But co-incidence of appearing Shraddha in that 4 days makes Vicky’s friends doubt for her. They think that Shraddha is the Stree who appears in the festive season. The horror comedy film is just touching the hearts of the viewers.


Stree Movie Review

The direction of Amar Kaushik has done a great job. Everything is just fitting in the film set of the script by Sumit Arora. The perfect brand of comedy having phenomenal dialogues, horror, tight streets of Chanderi city and most important ‘Pankaj Tripathi’. Although he has a short role in the film his role as a perfect Hindi librarian is just demanded appreciation.

Even though we have Shraddha as the unnamed girl, but the role of Raj Kumar Rao is as always great. What he cannot do. Whether it is comedy whether it is about serious roles or anything, he just fits himself according to the character. The film totally seems as expected.

Stree Movie Review

How much it does in the first half same expectations works in the second half. The film is totally worth your time and money.

Along with this, the cinematography has also the same hands for the best piece of Bollywood. All the credit for scenes goes to cinematographer Amlendu Chaudhry. Talking about the song, those are already hit. The film also producing the message for Women Empowerment and equality.

So, theaayam hereby gives the film 3 out of 5-star rating. Do watch the film and share your views with us i the comment section below.




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