Supreme Court To Deliver Verdict On Section 377 Tomorrow

Supreme Court To Deliver Verdict On Section 377 Tomorrow

  • the day what LGBTQ Community waiting for
  • the end of 160 years of discrimination
  • decriminalizing Gay sex, SC verdict tomorrow

The Supreme Court will deliver the verdict on Section 377, tomorrow on Thursday. The pleas challenging the validity of section 377 will be the base of the verdict. The topmost court of India, the Supreme Court will deliver the verdict.

Supreme court head and Cheif Justice of India, CGI Deepak Mishra to deliver the verdict.  Validation of criminalizing the gay sex would be decided tomorrow at the supreme court, New Delhi.

Supreme Court To Deliver Verdict On Section 377 Tomorrow

According to the sources, the LGBTQ( lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Community is expected to gather outside the Supreme Court premises, jut to celebrate the verdict that is considered to be in their favor.

So now the time has come for which the LGBTQ Community were waiting for. This verdict would be the end of 160 years of discrimination. The top court of the country would decide whether indulging in the sexual activities with the same sex would be considered as the crime.

Looking over the exploitation which is been criticized all over the world, the SC has considered it is the serious matter to look over.


Supreme Court To Deliver Verdict On Section 377 Tomorrow

Thursday would be the big day of judgement or the LBGTQ Community, as the verdict is expected to be in their favour. The Cheif Justice had already hinted that they will be decriminalized because the constitution f Inia gives full liberty to a person to choose their partner, almost of the same sex.

The LGBTQ Community is really very disappointed and highlighted the point of the silence of government.

The petition hearing began from July.  According to the judgement of justice Puttuswami on section 377, the law is now no longer to the supervisor to overlook on the consensual sexual acts.

Section 377 simly refers to the ‘unantural offences’. It statesthat the person who fwill force any human, wwhether male or female, and the animal, for carnal intercourse would be punished. 

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