Tom Cruise and $550 Billion

Tom Cruise and $550 Billion

Tom Cruise and $550 Billion

  • A star with $550 billion net worth
  • continuously ranking high
  • highest paid actor of Hollywood

Tom Cruise, the international celebrity and one of the handsome man of the world. He was born on 3rd July 1962 in Syracuse, New York.

He is an American actor and the evergreen global sensation. Tom Cruise got his real name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. He is the winner of Golden Globe Awards, thrice. According to the latest updated list, Tom Cruise is listed on the second number of the world’s handsome personalities. 

His parents are father Thomas Cruise Mapother III and mother Mary Lee. He has taken divorce thrice, first with Mimi Rogers than with Nicole Kidman and at last with his recent wife Katie Homes. 

Tom Cruise is one of the finest actors of the Hollywood film industry. He has won a bundle of great awards and honours. Here are few of his winning awards and honours:

  • In the year 2002, he has got ‘Best Actor’ award for his work in ‘Vanilla Sky’.
  • The year 2005 gave him ‘Stanly Kubrick Britannia Award’ 
  • In the year 1990, 1997 and 2000 awarded him the ‘Best performance in the motion picture’. Awarded for ‘Born on the fourth of July’, Jerry Maguire’, and Magnolia respectively.
  • The ‘Worst Screen Couple’ for the movie ‘Interview with Vampire: The Vampire Chronics’  in the year 1995.

  • In the year 2002, he has got ‘Most Tiresome Tabloid Targets’ award
  • 2008 brings him ‘Worst Actor’ award for ‘The Mummy’.
  • He has got ‘Best Male Performance’ award twice. First in 1997 for ‘Jerry Maguire’ and secondly in 20011 for ‘Mission Impossible 2’.
  • In the year 2005, he was honoured with the ‘Generation Award’.Tom Cruise and $550 Billion
  • The year 1986 awarded him with ‘Star of the Walk of The Fame’.
  • He has got the ‘MTV Movie Award’ 3 times.
  • 2-time winner of ‘Blockbuster Entertainment Award’
  • 3-time winner of ‘Golden Globe Awards’ and
  • also a 3-time winner of ‘Golden Raspberry Award’.

There are a few amazing facts about Tom Cruise, which you must know:

  • Tom has topped the latest list of the highest  paid actor in Hollywood
  • He has dominated the biggest global movie star’ honour for the last 3 decades
  • continuing with $550 billion per year
  • in the list of the richest actor in the world

Tom Cruise s coming again on the big screen with ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’. In theatres on 27th of July.



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