Whats App Appointed Grievance Officer In India

Whats App Appointed Grievance Officer In India

Whats App Appointed Grievance Officer In India

  • Whats App grievance officer in India
  • users can directly approach to the company

The Facebook-owned company has appointed a grievance office in India for its handling in India. This initiative makes the users contact directly to the authorities and made their complaints. The Grievance officer is just for that. 

Komal Lahiri, the Senior Director, Global Customers Operations & Localization at Whats App Inc., is the appointed Grievance officer of WhatsApp in  India. Due to the extreme violence cases spreading out viaWhatsapp, it has done this step in concern with it. 

In the case of mob killings and violation due to the rumored or fake news which passes through this application, most of the time are now can be reached out to a solution. So the latest update on the online messaging service application explains that the users of the app could directly contact the company. along with this, via wring to the Grievance officer would help them to seek what they need to know.

Not only this but if the user wants to contact the supporting team, he can communicate through the application itself via setting tab. 


Whats App Appointed Grievance Officer In India
Whats App Appointed Grievance Officer In India

The online messaging service application, Whatsapp and India had a meeting for the talk of fake news and setting a grievance officer in India. The IT Minister of India, Ravi Shankar Prasad and Whatsapp CEO, Chris Danniels met for an hour-long conversation, in India. 

The meeting took the issues raising on the fake and rumors roaming around Whatsapp which has led to social anti-activities and to the extreme level of violation. Not only this but, these fake news has raised the issues of mob killing and brutally beatings.

Remarking that India has the heavy user base of WhatsApp, the step was needed to be taken. The statistics go to over 200 billion users across the country. Reviewing the last updates made by Whatsapp it had done the limitation of message forwarding an also removes the button of quick forwarding and introduced to the new label of forwarding. 

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