Whats App To Educate Users About The Fake News

Whats App To Educate Users About The Fake News

Whats App To Educate Users About The Fake News

  • Whats app has the initiated radio campaign
  • this will educate its users
  • about fake news and taking care before forwarding it

The Whats app has started a radio campaign to kick off the issues raising via the network. The Facebook-owned company is tackling with the issue of fake news in India. The fake items of news are being forwarded via this network, in India is continuously rising.

Noteworthy, that these kinds of stuff which are being forwarded are creating a great level of social evilness. It has raised to the stage of mob lynching, at a great level. This issue in India is being raised from last few months and it has spoiled the social environment of the country.

The steps taken by the online messaging application has taken in India so that it would lessen the effects made. The bad impacts which already have been happened would be absolutely sorted out along with that there are new steps for that.


Whats App To Educate Users About The Fake News

The initiative taken by the Facebook-owned company, whats app has started a campaign through radio, In India that will help to aware the people about the fake news and be forwarding fake news.

In concern to the ndia and whats app have also met. The meeting was held between the Indian IT Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad and Whats App CEO Chris Daniels. The meeting forwarded to more than an hour fruitful conversation. These talk witnesses the order of India to set up a proper entity in India as well as to install a grievance minister along with following all the Indian rules and regulations.

Whats App To Educate Users About The Fake News

So finally the online messaging service application has started a service to forward only five messages. The updated version of Whats App has a new label of ‘Forward’, which means that the messages have been forwarded. Along with this, the radio will also help to spread the awareness and knowledge about the issue. The radio will help to disperse and acknowledge the users around 46 Hindi speaking stations of AIR( All India Radio). 

The state in which Radio will spread the awareness is Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand. 



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