World’s Highest Revenue Generating Game, Tencent

World's Highest Revenue Generating Game, Tencent.

World’s Highest Revenue Generating Game, Tencent

  • Tencent, the highest revenue generating company
  • based on the recent update of the year
  • a report by intelligence firm Newzoo

World’s highest revenue generating public company. The company collects its revenue from the video game, worldwide. It is not limited to video games only but has expanded with the various types of goods and services. It has spread with internet to technology and entertainment along the intelligence and gaming sector.

The business of the vide0 games is being very serious, nowadays. The Chinese internet giant company Tencent is the biggest in this sector. The craze of people is raising by each and every single second of the games.  Shenzhen Nanshan District is the place where the headquarters of Tencent is situated.

Tencent has now purchased the maximum stakes of 84% of ‘Clash of Clans’. It has paid around the US $8.6 billion from Supercell. Reminding you that the Tencent company is the creator of the most popular and loved game, PUBG.


World's Highest Revenue Generating Game, Tencent.

Tencent is not just a company but it is a brand which each and every single Chinese person does know. The huge and biggest gaming company in the world along with the 5th internet company of the planet.

Along with the world’s famous brands, Apple it has also joined the  Amazon and the Facebook company. Along with the social media, transaction system, media entertainment, the company is also providing platforms related to smartphones, e-commerce, property, gaming advertising and what not. It was founded by:

  • Ma Huateng
  • Zhang Zhidong
  • Xu Cheney
  • Chen Yidan, and
  • Zeng Liqing

World's Highest Revenue Generating Game, Tencent.

They have started the company on November 11, 1998. The very last year, 2017 generated the company of 273.760 Chinese Yuan income. When in the modern world people wanted to do everything with the help of their mobile phones, there is Tencent providing every single basic necessity within an app.

Want to have a tour inside the Tencent, here you are:



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